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Arvada Car Accident Lawyer

Were you involved in a car accident that left you injured because of someone else’s negligence? If so, reach out to a car accident attorney in Arvada to hold the liable party accountable by filing a lawsuit.

Car accidents can result in severe and sometimes life-altering injuries. When recovering from your wreck in Arvada, you may experience emotional trauma that’s equivalent to or worse than your physical trauma. Knowing someone else caused your accident can make healing feel impossible. You’ll likely want closure so you can move forward with your life.

Aside from closure, holding the liable party responsible can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. This money can provide you with proper treatment and make recovery easier. An Arvada car accident lawyer from Justice for Colorado can increase your injury settlement by investigating your case and gathering evidence that supports your claim in court.

How Negligence Contributes to Car Accidents in Arvada

Car accidents in Arvada occur for many reasons, but negligence often causes car wrecks. If another driver on the road caused your Arvada car accident, it could be that the driver was speeding, driving under the influence, distracted while driving, improperly changing lanes, or failing to yield.

Car accidents in Arvada can also occur because of negligence on behalf of the city. If the city doesn’t fix a pothole, repair a guardrail, or remove a dangerous hazard from the road, and the issue leads to an accident, the injured victim can sue the city for damages. Alternatively, a car manufacturer or repair company can be negligent if a wreck occurs in Arvada because of a car malfunction that wasn’t addressed.

Your Arvada car accident attorney will use the police report, witness testimonies, photographs, and video footage to determine how your accident occurred and who’s at fault. This evidence can support your claim in court and prove negligence.

Handling Your Insurance Company After an Arvada Car Accident

It’s likely that your insurance company will call you after the  accident. The adjuster may want you to record a statement for their records, but you don’t have to make this statement right away. You can wait to make a statement until after you’ve gathered your thoughts and talked to your attorney.

Your insurance company may also try to offer you a settlement for your injuries, but insurance companies usually have their own financial interests in mind when offering settlements. The insurer may offer you less than you deserve, so it’s important to calculate your claim value before accepting the offer. Your car accident lawyer in Arvada can support you with getting the most out of your claim.

Contact an Arvada Car Accident Attorney

Although suing the negligent party in your case can seem intimidating if you’ve never taken legal action before, you may find that it’s worth it for the chance at a maximum settlement. To discuss your options with an Arvada car accident lawyer from Justice for Colorado, call 303-647-9691 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a free consultation.

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