Arvada Speeding Ticket Lawyer 

Did you receive a speeding ticket and you don’t think it was merited? If so, you can battle your ticket in court. Seek counsel from a speeding ticket lawyer in Arvada for help with your case.

When you get pulled over for speeding in Arvada, Colorado, you may not know how to handle the situation. You may try to talk your way out of a speeding ticket, but this may not benefit you. If the cop gives you a ticket, you may get angry at first. It’s important to respect the police officer and accept your fate at the moment. But later on, you can fight your ticket in court.

An Arvada speeding ticket lawyer from Justice for Colorado can defend you. When you speak with the judge about your situation, you’ll have a chance of getting your charges reduced or dismissed. You may think the time and effort of court is unnecessary, but there are long-term consequences of speeding tickets that you should try to avoid.

Penalties for Speeding in Arvada 

The penalties for speeding in Arvada depend on the severity of your actions. In Colorado, you’ll receive a $30 fine if you speed  between 1 and 4 mph over the maximum speed limit of 75 mph. You’ll receive a $70 fine if you speed between 5 and 9 mph over the speed limit.

If you speed between 10 and 19 mph over the speed limit, you’ll receive a $135 fine. If you speed between 20 and 24 mph over the speed limit, you’ll receive a $200 fine.

When you’re caught speeding over 25 mph over the speed limit, you can face criminal charges. Not only will you have to pay a fine between $300 and $1000, but you may also have to serve between ten days and one year in jail. Colorado takes speeding seriously and you should fight your case accordingly.

Speeding Tickets and Your Arvada Driving Record 

A speeding ticket in Arvada can lead to fines and penalties, but it can also add points to your driving record. When you receive points on your driving record, your car insurance premium can increase. Too many points on your driving record can also lead to a license suspension. You can avoid getting points on your record by making a deal with the judge in traffic court.

Reach Out to a Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Arvada

It may be hard to determine whether fighting your speeding ticket is worth it. If you’re unsure whether to move forward with your case, you should speak with an Arvada speeding ticket lawyer from Justice for Colorado. We understand the long-term consequences of speeding tickets and can use our knowledge to your benefit.

Our goal is to defend charged individuals who deserve a second chance. We know many speeding tickets get issued in Colorado when they aren’t warranted. We want to give a voice to the people, so if you feel unheard, we’re here to help. If you’re ready to schedule a free consultation with us, you can call 303-647-9691. You can also fill out the contact form below.

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