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Arvada Truck Accident Lawyer

Have you suffered injuries after getting into an accident with an 18-wheeler? If so, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Contact a truck accident attorney in Arvada to file a claim.

Trucks are on the road at all hours of the day and night, which makes them more likely to get into accidents. Because 18-wheelers are so large, truck drivers also have less visibility behind the wheel and a harder time controlling trucks when issues arise. If you suffer injuries in an Arvada truck wreck and you believe someone else is at fault, you can hold them accountable and obtain a settlement.

At Justice for Colorado, we strive to help victims in Arvada recover compensation for their injuries. An Arvada truck accident lawyer from our team can investigate your wreck and use evidence to determine how the collision occurred, whether negligence was a factor, and who you should sue for your damages.

Types of Arvada Semi-Truck Wrecks

There are many types of truck wrecks that can occur in Arvada, and negligence causes many of them. Truck drivers have demanding jobs, and they may cause accidents because they’re distracted while driving or drowsy behind the wheel. Truck wrecks can also occur because of truck malfunctions, which may be the truck manufacturer’s fault.

Other types of Arvada truck wrecks include wrecks caused by speeding, driving under the influence, cargo loading issues, roadway hazards, and bad weather.

What to Do if You Were Partially at Fault in Your Arvada Trucking Accident

As long as you were less than 50 percent at fault for causing your Arvada truck accident, then you can still recover compensation from the other liable party in your wreck.

Colorado has a modified comparative fault law, which states that you’re allowed to recover compensation for damages when you’re less than 50 percent at fault; however, the court will deduct your percentage of fault from your overall settlement. For example, if you’re 30 percent at fault and your settlement is $100,000, then you’ll receive $70,000.

Damages You Can Recover in Your Truck Accident Claim

Once you identify the liable parties in your vehicle wreck, it’s essential to account for all the damages you’ve suffered so you can maximize your claim value. Maximizing your claim value is especially important if you shared fault in your accident, because your percentage of fault will reduce your settlement.

You can include both economic and non-economic damages in your claim. Economic damages comprise your financial losses, such as medical expenses, property damages, and lost wages, while non-economic damages comprise your nonfinancial losses, such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, scarring and disfigurement, and loss of consortium.

Reach Out to an Arvada Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents can lead to severe and sometimes life-altering injuries. When you experience a traumatic accident in Arvada, it’s essential to recover the compensation you deserve. Our team at Justice for Colorado will negotiate on your behalf in court and do our best to increase your settlement.

To speak with an Arvada truck accident lawyer about your case, fill out the contact form below or call 303-647-9691 to schedule a free consultation.

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