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Aurora Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Did you get a traffic ticket that you believe was unwarranted? If so, you don’t have to give in and pay it. You can fight your ticket with the help of a traffic ticket attorney in Aurora.

The police give out traffic tickets in Aurora every day for various moving violations. Getting pulled over by the police can ruin your day, but when you don’t believe the ticket you received is justified, it can make things even worse. You may feel like paying your ticket is the only way to get rid of it, but this isn’t the case. You have a right to fight your ticket in traffic court with the help of an experienced attorney.

At Justice for Colorado, we’ve handled many traffic ticket cases in Aurora. An Aurora traffic ticket lawyer from our team can assess your situation and use key strategies to defend your case in court. When you take the time to fight your ticket, you have the chance of getting the violation reduced or dismissed and preventing points from being added to your driving record.

Types of Aurora Moving Violations

Colorado divides moving violations in Aurora into two categories. Traffic infractions are less severe and include things such as speeding up to 24 mph over the speed limit, improper lane changes, violating traffic signals, distracted driving, and tailgating.

Traffic offenses are more severe and can lead to misdemeanor criminal charges. Traffic offenses include things such as speeding over 24 mph above the speed limit, driving without a valid license, or driving without insurance. Traffic offenses can lead to felony charges if the offense becomes reckless or violent.

Penalties for Moving Violations in Aurora

Like many other states, Colorado’s moving violations work on a point system. Each violation delivers a specific amount of points to a driver’s record, depending on the severity of the infraction or offense. Once a driver meets a certain threshold of points, the state suspends their license.

Drivers under 18 can only collect seven points total or six points within one year before receiving a license suspension. Drivers between 18- and 21-years-old can collect fourteen points total, nine points in one year, or twelve points in two years before receiving a suspension. Adults over 21 can collect twelve points in one year or eighteen points in two years before receiving a suspension.

Possible Defense Strategies for Your Aurora Traffic Ticket

Your Aurora traffic ticket attorney will assess your case and decide the best defense strategy to use in court. For example, you may claim lack of evidence if the police had no record or a weak record of your transgression. Or you can instead claim that your violation was necessary to maintain safety on the road. In some situations, it’s possible to claim that you weren’t aware of the law you violated.

Consult an Aurora Traffic Ticket Attorney

Society makes it seem like traffic tickets are inevitable and must be paid, but you have a right to fight your ticket. You shouldn’t hesitate to seek justice if you believe your ticket was unwarranted. To discuss your case with an Aurora traffic ticket lawyer from Justice for Colorado, fill out the contact form below or call 303-647-9691 to schedule a free consultation.

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