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Drug Charges

We here at Justice for Colorado we know what is at stake for you if have been arrested on drug-related charges. While state sentencing standards have been relaxed for many nonviolent drug offenses, a conviction in federal court on a charge such as cocaine possession or distribution could lead to a lengthy prison sentence.

From our offices in Vail, Avon and Denver, our lawyers work every day to help people like you minimize the negative effects of drug charges. We have a track record of getting charges reduced or dismissed, and we have helped many clients get the help they need for their addictions instead of being thrown in jail. If you live in Denver, you may not be aware that there is the option of resolving your case through the drug court. In exchange for a guilty plea and completing a program that includes counseling, drug testing and community service, you can avoid jail time.

Helping You Make Sense Of New Pot Laws

Colorado voters’ approval of Amendment 64 in 2012 is beneficial to adults who want to partake in the recreational consumption of small amounts of marijuana. However, there is still confusion as to what exactly is legal. If you are older than 21, you are permitted to grow up to six marijuana plants in your home. You may also carry up to 1 ounce with you while you are traveling.

The federal government, however, still prohibits the possession of marijuana. That means you could still be subject to federal charges if you are caught with marijuana. The chances of Congress exempting states like Colorado from federal drug laws are slim. Additionally, young adults and teens could still face state charges. If you are younger than 21, it is important to resolve these charges as quickly as possible so they do not haunt you later.

At Justice for Colorado, you will receive the aggressive representation you need if you are facing drug charges. Call (877) 860-4878 to schedule your Free Initial Consultation with an experienced drug charges attorney in Vail. We accept credit cards and offer services in Spanish.

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