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Shoplifting Defense Lawyers

retail fraudShoplifting is commonly considered a minor crime, but it can have serious implications — particularly for juvenile offenders who may end up with a lasting record that can affect their futures.

At the Vail and Avon Justice for Colorado, we provide tenacious representation to people facing charges of shoplifting and other theft crimes. Call us or contact our attorneys online to schedule a consult regarding your case.

What Must A Prosecutor Prove In Your Shoplifting Case?

In order to succeed on a charge of retail theft, the prosecutor must prove several things, including:

  • That you were seen approaching the allegedly stolen merchandise
  • That you picked up the merchandise
  • That you hid or carried it away
  • That a witness, such as a store employee, observed you continuously from the moment you approached the merchandise to the moment you exited the store
  • That you did not pay for the merchandise
  • That you were approached outside the store by a store clerk or witness

If the prosecution fails to prove any of these elements, a conviction is highly unlikely. That means it is essential to mount a defense that can identify and capitalize on weaknesses in the prosecutor’s evidence and arguments.

Knowledgeable Denver Lawyers Defending Theft Charges

We evaluate every facet of your case to determine whether these elements are present, then help you choose the best way to move forward. Sometimes, it may be wise to negotiate with the prosecutor, while other cases may do better in trial.

With a former employee of the Colorado attorney general’s office on our team, we truly understand criminal defense from every angle. We know what tactics prosecutors use in court and how to counter them.

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