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Denver Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you were injured while riding your bicycle and you believe someone else was at fault, reach out to a bicycle accident attorney in Denver to file a claim to recover compensation for your damages.

Riding a bicycle is a healthy and environmentally friendly form of transportation. Unfortunately, bicyclists in Denver who get in accidents have a high risk of being injured, because bicycles fully expose their bodies to impact. Even when bicyclists wear helmets, the physical and emotional consequences of a wreck can be significant.

If you were injured while riding your bicycle in Denver and someone else caused your wreck, you can hold them accountable by filing an injury lawsuit. A Denver bicycle accident lawyer from Justice for Colorado will investigate your case and gather evidence to pinpoint how and why your accident occurred. Once we prove negligence, we’ll maximize your claim in court by accounting for all your damages.

Why Denver Bicycle Accidents Occur

Most bicycle accidents in Denver occur because of negligent drivers. Drivers can cause bike wrecks when they’re speeding, distracted behind the wheel, driving under the influence, improperly changing lanes, or failing to yield at crosswalks, as a few examples. Drivers often sideswipe bicyclists in bike lanes, as well.

If a driver hit you on your bike, there’s a strong chance they’ll be responsible for any damage they’ve caused. Even if you shared a percentage of fault, drivers take on a lot of responsibility when they get behind the wheel of a car, and they must remain aware of their surroundings.

Your bicycle accident lawyer in Denver can use photographs, video footage, witness testimonies, and the police report to prove negligence against the at-fault party and get the most out of your claim. If a driver didn’t cause your accident, a bike malfunction or roadway hazard may have caused your accident, in which case your attorney will determine who’s negligent and who you should sue for damages.

Bicycle Accident Injuries and Damages

Depending on the severity of your Denver bike wreck, your injuries can range from moderate to life-altering. Bone fractures, spinal damage, and traumatic brain injuries can occur upon impact and when falling from a bicycle, because your body may hit the ground or another object at high force.

Bone fractures can require surgery and physical therapy. Spinal damage can result in loss of motion or full paralysis. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to memory loss and loss of learning ability. These injuries can result in significant medical expenses, lost wages from time away from work, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. You should claim these damages when fighting for a settlement in Denver.

Contact a Denver Bicycle Accident Attorney

Obtaining a settlement for your Denver bike accident can help you receive the best treatment possible. Although you may have a long road to recovery, knowing your finances are in order can make healing easier. If you want to speak with a Denver bicycle accident attorney at Justice for Colorado about your claim, fill out the contact form below or call 303-647-9691 to schedule a free consultation.

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