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Denver Bus Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a bus accident and you think someone else was responsible, you can take legal action against the liable party. Reach out to a bus accident attorney in Denver to file a claim to recover the compensation you deserve. 

Many people in Denver rely on public transportation to get to work each day and to run errands around the city. One reason for this is the pricing; riding the bus is cheaper than taking a taxi or owning your own vehicle.

Although bus accidents don’t happen as often as car accidents, when they occur, the potential for injury is higher because there are usually more people involved in the collision. Thankfully, if you’re involved in a bus accident in Denver, you can recover compensation for your losses.

At Justice for Colorado, we work hard to help victims in bus accidents obtain the settlement they deserve. A Denver bus accident lawyer from our team can investigate your case and gather evidence to support your argument in court.  We’ll focus on maximizing your claim while you work on healing yourself both physically and emotionally.

How Bus Accidents Occur in Denver

Bus accidents in Denver could occur for various reasons. The bus driver may cause an accident if they’re speeding, driving under the influence, improperly changing lanes, or not yielding to pedestrians. Similarly, another vehicle can collide with a bus, especially if the other driver is being negligent. Roadway hazards and bad weather can also cause bus accidents in Denver.

Because buses are large and may take more maintenance than smaller vehicles, it’s possible that a bus malfunction can also cause a Denver bus accident. Your bus accident lawyer in Denver can use evidence, such as photographs, witness testimonies, and video footage, to determine how your accident happened and who was involved. Knowing how your bus accident happened can pinpoint who’s liable.

Types of Injuries Caused by Bus Accidents

Bus accidents in Denver can lead to severe and life-altering injuries, depending on the type of bus accident that occurs. Most people don’t wear seatbelts when riding on traditional buses, so victims of bus accidents may suffer from injuries like broken bones, spinal damage, and traumatic brain injuries.

Even a minor injury can result in significant medical expenses, so it’s essential to take legal action and hold the liable party accountable if you want to get the best medical treatment possible for your injuries and avoid financial distress.

Determining Who to Sue for Your Denver Bus Accident

Denver bus accident claims can be complicated because the person who caused your accident may not be the person you sue for your injuries. For example, if the bus driver caused your bus accident, you may have to sue the bus company that employs the negligent driver. Similarly, if a roadway hazard caused your bus accident in Denver, then you may need to sue a government entity for your damages.

Consult a Denver Bus Accident Attorney

Experiencing a bus accident and filing an injury claim for it isn’t easy, but an experienced attorney in Denver can guide you through the legal process and explain how best to move forward with your Denver vehicle collision case. If you’re ready to speak with a Denver bus accident lawyer from Justice for Colorado, call 303-647-9691 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a free consultation.

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