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Denver Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve experienced injuries as a result of a car accident and you believe someone else was responsible for your suffering, contact a car accident attorney in Denver to file a lawsuit and seek compensation.

Car accidents have the potential to cause damage to both the mind and body. When you get injured in a car wreck in Denver, you can find yourself in the hospital and unable to take care of yourself for an extended period of time. During this time, you may need to take a leave of absence from work, which can result in a loss of earning ability. Simultaneously, you’ll be racking up some major medical expenses.

The financial stress of a car accident injury can be overwhelming on top of the physical and emotional stress you’re already experiencing. When you weren’t responsible for causing your injuries, you shouldn’t be responsible for this resulting financial burden. At Justice for Colorado, our team of experienced lawyers can assist you with pinpointing the liable parties in your car wreck.

Your Denver car accident lawyer will perform a thorough investigation of your case, gather all relevant evidence, and use this evidence to prove negligence was involved in your accident. Once negligence is proved and a defendant can be named, your attorney can begin examining your damages and calculating your overall claim value.

Understanding Why Car Accidents Occur in Denver

Car accidents can occur for various reasons, but in cities such as Denver where there’s more congestion, there’s a higher risk for danger when getting behind the wheel. Whether you get in a head-on collision, a rear-end collision, a multi-vehicle pileup, a single-car accident, or some other type of crash, knowing why your car accident occurred can be crucial when filing a claim.

Distracted driving, driving under the influence, speeding, and other driver errors are the common culprits in car wrecks in Denver, but a wreck can also be caused by bad road conditions, bad weather conditions, a car malfunction, traffic signal, or an equipment malfunction. An investigation of the accident will help determine how the accident happened which can, in turn, help pinpoint all of the liable parties.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Depending on the force of the collision, the injuries that can result from a car crash may range from minor, to severe, to life-altering, to fatal. Broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal damage are some of the most common injuries to occur in car wrecks because, when a car crashes, a blow is delivered to the body. Airbags and seatbelts try to prevent damage, but both of these can cause injuries, as well.

Broken bones, in worst-case scenarios, can require medications, physical therapy, numerous doctors’ visits, and possible surgery. Traumatic brain injuries may result in loss of motor or sensory function, loss of learning ability, loss of memory, and the potential need for permanent in-home care. Spinal damage can lead to partial or total paralysis and loss of essential bodily functions.

When these car accident injuries become detrimental to your lifestyle, you should be compensated for your suffering. The person responsible for your damages should also have to pay for the medical expenses associated with your injury.

How to Pinpoint Who’s Responsible for Your Car Accident

Your car accident lawyer in Denver can help pinpoint who’s responsible for your wreck by first determining how the accident occurred. In the investigation, police reports, medical records, witness testimonies, video footage, and photographs may be used to determine who’s at fault. It’s possible that multiple parties could be responsible in your accident, as well.

For example, if you’re hit by a distracted driver on the road but suffer from more severe injuries because a guard rail is missing on the highway and your car crashes into the ditch, then both the negligent driver and the Colorado government entity responsible for replacing the guard rail can be held responsible for your accident.

What to Do When You Share Fault in the Car Accident

You may be hesitant to file a lawsuit if you believe you were partially at fault for causing your car accident, but in the state of Colorado, you’re protected under the modified comparative negligence law. As long as you were less than 50 percent at fault in your accident, then you still have a right to file a claim for compensation against the other at-fault parties in your Denver wreck.

Once your percentage of fault is calculated, this percentage will be deducted from your overall settlement amount. For example, if you’re found to be 20 percent at fault in your car accident and your settlement amount is $100,000, you’ll ultimately receive $80,000.

Reach Out to a Denver Car Accident Attorney

Each car accident lawsuit is unique and will vary in complexity depending on how the wreck occurred, who was liable, and what level of negligence contributed to your injuries. The severity of your injuries will also play a significant role in your case. With the help of an experienced attorney from Justice for Colorado, you can feel confident and supported as you move through the legal process.

No one deserves to suffer injuries because of someone else’s negligence. If you’re ready to fight for the compensation you need with the help of a Denver car accident lawyer, fill out the contact form below or call 303-647-9691 to schedule a free consultation.

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Denver Car Accident FAQ

We understand that the legal process can seem intimidating at first when you aren’t familiar with every detail. You’ll likely have many questions and concerns before moving forward with your claim. We’ve gone ahead and answered some of the most frequently asked questions below, but if you have more specific questions regarding your case, you can reach out and schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our team members. We would be happy to discuss your concerns in greater detail.

How much money will I be able to recover in my car accident settlement?

Your settlement will be calculated based on the damages you’ve suffered. Both economic and non-economic damages will be examined in your case. Economic damages can include financial losses such as medical expenses, property damage, and loss of income from being out of work. Non-economic damages may include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium.



My insurance company offered me a car accident settlement. Should I accept the offer?

You always have the right to accept a settlement from your insurance company. Although they may offer you a settlement more quickly, it’s likely that their settlement will be less than the amount you truly deserve. Often, insurance companies don’t take into account all of the economic and non-economic damages you’ve suffered in your car accident.

Do I need to testify in court in my Denver car accident lawsuit?

There’s no requirement for you to testify in court for your car accident lawsuit. However, testifying and telling your personal experience in court can be extremely helpful in winning a settlement. You’re the only one who experienced your injuries firsthand and you’re the only one who was behind the wheel of the car. Although we can help support your case, having your testimony can be great evidence.

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