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Denver Construction Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured while working on a construction site, you deserve compensation for any damages you’ve suffered. Consult a construction accident attorney in Denver to assess your situation and determine how to move forward with your claim.

Working in construction is dangerous, and accidents on the job happen frequently. As a construction worker, you may obtain a settlement for any injuries you experience at work. Your employer likely has workers compensation insurance to protect themselves against liability, and this insurance will also cover your medical expenses and lost wages.

In some situations, you can or must bypass workers comp and file a lawsuit for your construction accident injury. Our team at Justice for Colorado is prepared to help you maximize your settlement, regardless of the action required to get that settlement. A Denver construction accident lawyer from our team can investigate your personal injury case and discuss what steps may be appropriate to move forward.

Types of Denver Construction Accidents

There are many types of construction accidents in Denver because construction sites have many moving parts. Construction sites often have large machinery, toxic chemicals, falling debris, high scaffolds, and dangerous equipment all within walking distance. There can also be hundreds of construction workers at one time on a job site, and with loud noise being the norm, lack of communication can cause accidents.

Workers may get injured when falling from a scaffold, when they’re hit in the head by a heavy object, when a piece of machinery malfunctions, or when toxic chemicals cause illness. An unexpected fire can also lead to injuries. Fatal accidents on construction sites are also far too common.

Your construction accident lawyer in Denver can investigate your job site to determine how your injury occurred, who was involved, and who may be liable.

Does Your Employer in Denver Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

If your employer has workers compensation insurance, liability in your accident may not be relevant. When filing a workers comp claim, the insurance company won’t take liability into account. They’ll look at whether your accident occurred at work and then assess your damages. Unfortunately, workers comp only covers medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages, so if you’re eligible, a lawsuit can be beneficial.

When You Can Sue for a Denver Construction Accident

You can only file a lawsuit for a construction accident injury in Denver if third-party negligence caused your injury or if your employer proves to be grossly negligent in causing your injury.

For example, if a defective product such as a nail gun caused your injury, then you can sue the product manufacturer. Alternatively, if your employer knowingly forced you to work in unsafe conditions and you suffered an injury or illness as a result, then you can explain to the judge and jury that your employer’s wanton actions caused you harm.

Reach Out to a Denver Construction Accident Attorney

Trying to recover compensation for a construction accident injury in Denver can be complex. An experienced attorney from Justice for Colorado can help you navigate the legal process. To speak with a Denver construction accident lawyer from our team, fill out the contact form below or call 303-647-9691 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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