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If you’ve been injured in a traumatic accident and you believe someone else was responsible for your injuries, contact a personal injury attorney in Denver to file a lawsuit and seek a rightful settlement for the damages you’ve suffered.

Recovering from a personal injury in Denver, such as broken bones, spinal damage, or a traumatic brain injury, can be a difficult experience. Not only must your body heal physically from the injury, but you’ll also need to emotionally heal from the accident that caused your injury. It’s likely that you’ll need to take an extended leave of absence from work, which can result in a significant loss of income.

While you make your way through the recovery process, you may begin to accumulate medical expenses from your injuries. If you weren’t responsible for causing your accident, you shouldn’t be responsible for the financial burden that it brings. A Denver personal injury lawyer from Justice for Colorado can assist you in filing a lawsuit and identifying all of the liable parties in your case.

Once all of the relevant evidence has been gathered and a defendant has been named, your attorney can help calculate your settlement by making sure all of your damages are properly accounted for. Hopefully, you’ll be able to walk away from your personal injury knowing justice has been served.

Types of Accidents That Can Result in a Personal Injury

No one ever expects to suffer from a devastating personal injury after an accident. However, there are numerous accidents that have the potential to cause serious injuries. Some of the most common accidents that lead to injuries include the following:

Your personal injury lawyer in Denver can help determine which type of accident caused your injuries, which can, in turn, help point to the liable party in your case. Whether you’ve suffered injuries from one of the accident types listed above or have been harmed in another type of incident, it’s essential to hold the at-fault parties accountable.

Determining Who’s At Fault for Your Personal Injury

It may not always be easy to determine who’s at fault for causing your personal injury, which is why an investigation by an experienced attorney can be helpful. Often, more than one party can be held responsible for your Denver accident, and pinpointing all liable parties will ensure that your settlement is maximized.

For example, if you’ve been injured in a truck accident, the truck driver may be liable for drowsy driving but if the cargo wasn’t loaded properly and led to further damages, then the cargo loading company can also be held financially responsible. Alternatively, if you’re involved in a nursing home abuse case, both the nursing home and the abuser can be held liable for damages.

Understanding the Modified Comparative Negligence Law in Denver

You may be hesitant to file a personal injury claim if you were partially at fault for causing your accident, but in Denver and the rest of Colorado, the modified comparative negligence law protects injured victims who share fault in accidents. If you were less than 50 percent at fault for causing your motor vehicle wreck, for example, then you still have a right to file for  compensation through a personal injury claim against the other liable parties for the injuries you’ve suffered.

Once your percentage of fault is calculated, this percentage will be deducted from your overall settlement amount. For example, if you’re found to be 20 percent at fault and your settlement is $80,000, you’ll ultimately receive $64,000.

Examining the Personal Injury Damages You’ve Suffered

Your personal injury attorney in Denver will work with your doctor to examine the injuries you’ve suffered after your accident. Both spinal damage and traumatic brain injuries may occur after tragic accidents, and these injuries can have detrimental effects on your life.

In worst-case scenarios, these injuries may lead to permanent paralysis, loss of motor function, and numerous surgeries. These types of injuries can be common in motorcycle wrecks because of the general lack of surrounding protection for motorcyclists. In some cases, the injuries can be fatal.

Your overall personal injury claim value will be determined based on the severity of your injuries as well as other damages in your case. Both economic and non-economic damages will be considered.

Economic damages may include any financial losses you’ve experienced from your accident, such as medical expenses, property damage, and loss of income from being away from work. Non-economic damages may include ways in which the Denver accident and injury have affected your lifestyle, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and scarring or disfigurement.

Reach Out to a Denver Personal Injury Attorney

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, a work-related accident, or a product defect accident, you deserve to be properly compensated and all liable parties should be held accountable. Although no amount of money will fully heal you from the pain you’ve experienced, having the financial capability to seek proper treatment can make returning to normal life easier.

At Justice for Colorado, our goal is to give injured victims a voice that they may not otherwise have had. We’ll negotiate on your behalf and ensure the judge and the jury are aware of everything your mind and body have been put through. Hopefully, you’ll be able to walk away from your case feeling both satisfied and ready for what the future holds.

To speak with a Denver personal injury lawyer about your accident in greater detail, fill out the contact form below or call 303-647-9691 to schedule a free consultation.

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Denver Personal Injury FAQ

We understand that filing a personal injury claim in Denver may seem daunting when you aren’t familiar with the legal system, which is why we’re here to answer any questions you may have to hopefully ease your concerns so you feel more comfortable in your pursuit for compensation. We've gone ahead and answered some of the most frequently asked questions below, but if you have any other questions related to your case in particular, feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of the attorneys at our firm.

Should I discuss a personal injury settlement offer with my insurance company?

You always have the right to speak to your insurance company about a settlement. Although it may be wise to report the accident to your insurance so they're aware of your injuries, you're not required to accept any settlement they offer you. It's likely that your insurance will offer you much lower than the full amount you deserve for your injuries because the adjuster may not account for all of your damages.      

How long do I have to file an injury claim for compensation in Denver?

The state of Colorado has a statute of limitations in place of two years for all personal injury claims. This means you’ll have two years from the date the accident occurred to hire an attorney, gather evidence, and file a lawsuit for compensation. If you don’t file within this time frame, the court won’t hear your case and you won’t receive any compensation for your damages.

Is there a maximum amount I can recover for my personal injury?

Although there’s no maximum dollar amount on the economic damages you can receive in a personal injury settlement, as of 2017, there’s a $468,000 limit on the non-economic damages you can receive for pain and suffering. Because your economic damages are determined based on specific financial losses you’ve suffered, these damages will be awarded accordingly.

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