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How to File a Defective Drug Lawsuit

When our health is on the line, we typically rely on medications that should help us recover our strength and health. But what happens when those drugs are defective? Sadly, that could lead to major consequences for your health. In some cases, you may even be seeking compensation for the death of a loved one.

When a drug defect has hurt your health, you may be eligible for compensation that helps you recover from your losses. Your lawyer from Justice for Colorado can help you when you’re not sure how to file a defective drug lawsuit, so you can focus on your health.

Mass Tort or Personal Injury Claim?

If you’ve been injured by your medication, there’s a chance that you’re not alone. If something went wrong with the medication while being tested or created, you may be one of many people hurt and suffering because of the manufacturer.

In these cases, your defective drug lawyer may work with you as part of a mass tort. That simply means that you and the other injured parties can all sue for compensation at once.

However, this depends on the cause of your suffering, too. For example, the defective drug may have been defective because of the amounts prescribed or the uses listed on the box. In these cases, you may be suing another party, like the pharmacist. Your lawyer can help you identify the right liable party when you’re injured.

Gathering Evidence

Once you’ve identified the at-fault party, you’ll be ready to seek evidence for your claim. This evidence can come in many forms, so don’t hold the details back from your lawyer.

For example, when you think of evidence, your mind may go to official reports, photographs, and expert testimony from a doctor. While these pieces of evidence are helpful, even a log of your symptoms could help you. These logs can show how long you were affected  by your condition and how your health worsened over time because of the defective drug.

Talk to a Defective Drug Lawyer about Your Lawsuit

After taking a drug that left you sicker than before, it can be difficult to file a defective drug lawsuit. Taking a trip to the courthouse is one thing, but fighting for your injury claim and presenting evidence before the judge can be complex and stressful.

At Justice for Colorado, we want to take some of that pressure off you. If you’re not sure how to file a defective drug lawsuit, your lawyer can walk you through the process and represent you in court. We can even get started with a free consultation, so you know what to expect before you head to court.

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