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Should I Accept a Plea Bargain for a Speeding Ticket?

When it comes to speeding tickets, most people are usually quick to pay off the fines attached without quite understanding the full charges or consequences they could face. 

This is partly because challenging a speeding ticket can sometimes be complicated, especially without a Denver speeding ticket lawyer. Another reason is that a lot of people don’t understand the laws surrounding speeding and traffic violations and so they think that paying is the only option. 

However, it’s possible that your speeding ticket was unwarranted or the police officer cited harsher violations and possible penalties than you think you deserve. In this case, there are several ways you can fight the speeding ticket and hopefully, get a more favorable outcome. 

Let’s look at one of the most common dilemmas when faced with a citation: Should you accept a plea bargain for a speeding ticket?

What Are the Possible Penalties for a Speeding Ticket?

Pleading guilty for a speeding ticket also means accepting the possible consequences of speeding, as outlined below. The severity of the penalties might depend on things like the driver’s age, previous speeding or traffic violations, and the rate of speed in question.

Some of the consequences you might face include:

  • Fines, with the amount depending on the speeds involved
  • Jail time of up to one year
  • Increased points on your driver’s record
  • Possible suspension of your drivers license
  • Hiked car insurance premiums
  • Criminal charges, depending on how fast the police officer claims you were driving or other factors related to reckless driving

Accepting a Plea Bargain for a Speeding Ticket

There are two major ways you can fight a speeding ticket in court to avoid a guilty conviction that comes with one or more of the above consequences. 

First, your speeding ticket lawyer might devise a defense strategy to get your charges reduced or thrown out altogether. 

Another way is to accept or seek a plea bargain from the prosecutor, whose outcome could be dismissing, reducing, or merging the charges for a more favorable ruling. 

When Should You Accept a Plea Bargain?

Here are some situations where accepting a plea bargain may be a good call:

  • You have a good driving history
  • You’re likely to face harsher penalties if found guilty
  • You don’t have a proper defense strategy for your speeding charge
  • You’re facing multiple traffic violations

Plea Bargains for a Speeding Ticket

Understanding the bargains available for a plea after a speeding violation can help you determine which option is best for your case.

  • Merge –  If you’re facing multiple related violations along with speeding, a lawyer can sometimes negotiate for two charges to be merged so that you are facing only one. 
  • Reduce – Your lawyer may also be able to get your charges reduced from a serious violation to one with less harsh penalties—for instance, changing a moving violation to a non-moving violation that won’t appear on your driver’s record. 
  • Dismiss – In cases of no evidence or other anomalies, a lawyer can use this to argue for a judge to dismiss your case and subsequent penalties. 

Seek More Help from a Speeding Ticket Lawyer

If you have more questions about entering a plea bargain or other available options for fighting a speeding ticket, talk to a lawyer at Justice for Colorado. Just because the officer gave you a speeding ticket doesn’t automatically mean that you have to pay fines or accept guilt.

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