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Denver Careless Driving Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of driving carelessly, you may need a Denver careless driving attorney to help you avoid the penalties of a conviction. Reach out for help fighting the charges and possibly getting your case dismissed. 

Many of us have made a small mistake while driving that we easily corrected. For example, you may have forgotten to turn on your turn signal once, or you were driving a little too fast. Unfortunately, this time, you were ticketed for careless driving.

At Justice for Colorado, we understand that receiving a traffic ticket is a frustrating situation. You don’t want to pay those high fines, but you may be struggling to find the best defense for your case. Luckily, your Denver careless driving lawyer can help you review your charges and work to get your traffic ticket dismissed.

What Is Careless Driving?

Careless driving covers many small infractions that may not seem so severe but could cause a car accident in Denver. For example, texting and driving is considered careless driving in some cases because you’re taking your eyes off the road.

Other examples include failing to signal a lane change, falling asleep at the wheel, or failing to follow traffic signals. While some of these charges may have specific driving points and fines associated with them, careless driving covers any infractions that show a disregard for other drivers.

Careless driving is different from reckless driving, too. In Denver, reckless driving usually involves criminal negligence. For example, if someone drove through a school zone at 60 mph, they may be charged with reckless driving.

Fighting a Careless Driving Ticket in Denver

When you’re accused of driving carelessly in Denver, it may be difficult to defend yourself against these accusations. After all, it may be your word against a police officer’s, which means you may have trouble getting others to believe your side of the story.

That’s where a careless driving lawyer can help. We have the experience you need to gather evidence for your case, present that evidence, and fight to get your ticket reduced or dismissed.

For example, video or photo evidence of the scene could help you prove you weren’t acting carelessly on the road. If the police officer claims you had your phone in your hand, you may produce your call and text logs to show that you didn’t send or receive any calls or messages at the time of the traffic stop.

Keep in mind, as well, that the prosecution will need to prove you were driving carelessly to convict you. You and your careless driving lawyer may focus on that, since they may be unable to convict you simply because they don’t have enough evidence.

Connect with a Denver Careless Driving Attorney

When you’re accused of driving carelessly in Denver, the costs related to a conviction could get expensive fast. You may be concerned about the penalties, and while careless driving isn’t as serious as reckless driving, it could still hurt your lifestyle and future.

That’s why you may need a Denver lawyer from Justice for Colorado. We can help you prepare for court so you have experience and knowledge on your side.

If you’re worried about defending your careless driving case and getting your ticket dropped or dismissed, contact a Denver careless driving lawyer. We can help, starting with a consultation, when you call 303-647-9691 or fill out the online contact form below.

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