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Denver Moving Violation Lawyer

Have you received a moving violation in Denver and are unsure how to address it? If so, you may need guidance from an experienced moving violation attorney in Denver. Paying your ticket isn’t your only option. At Justice for Colorado, we’ll work hard to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

There are various Denver moving violations you can be charged with, and some are more serious than others. Many people think paying a ticket for a moving violation is the only way to get rid of the charge and move on with life. However, paying a Denver traffic ticket is the same as admitting guilt. Your payment will result in points on your driving record and a possible increase in insurance premiums.

If you’re looking for advice on how to fight your Denver moving violation, speaking to an experienced attorney can be helpful. At our firm, we focus on fighting traffic tickets. A Denver moving violation lawyer from our team can work hard to build a strong defense for you.

Differences in Moving Violations in Denver

Denver police differentiate the severity of moving violations by issuing both traffic infractions and traffic offenses. Traffic infractions are less severe than traffic offenses and come with fewer penalties. You may receive a traffic offense in Denver for speeding less than twenty-four miles per hour over the speed limit, improperly changing lanes, tailgating, or driving distracted.

To fight a traffic infraction, you may make a plea bargain to avoid points on your record or come up with a defense strategy if you believe you’re not guilty. Traffic offenses are more severe than traffic infractions and can result in criminal charges. These moving violations may include driving without insurance or driving on a suspended license.

Points for Denver Moving Violations

Moving violations can result in misdemeanor criminal charges and occasionally felony charges if the incident involves bodily injury or gross negligence. All moving violations, however, will also add points to your driving record. Each moving violation has a point value associated with it, and once you reach a certain amount of points, your license can be suspended.

Some point values for moving violations in Denver include:

  • Speeding five to nine miles per hour over the posted speed limit: one point
  • Speeding ten to nineteen miles per hour over the posted speed limit: four points
  • Speeding twenty to thirty-nine miles per hour over the posted speed limit: six points
  • Failure to yield right-of-way: three points
  • Engaging in a speed contest: twelve points
  • DUI: twelve points

How to Fight a Moving Violation in Denver Traffic Court

There are many strategies you can use in traffic court to fight your Denver moving violation. It’s possible that the police lack evidence against you to charge you. It’s also possible that your moving violation was necessary to maintain safety on the road or because you were in an emergency. By explaining yourself to the judge, you may get your charges reduced.

Contact a Denver Moving Violation Attorney

Paying the fee for a moving violation in Denver may seem like an easy way out, but the consequences that come with your payment may not be worth it. If you’re ready to fight your charges, reach out to a Denver moving violation lawyer from Justice for Colorado. To schedule a free consultation, fill out the contact form below or call 303-647-9691.

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