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Denver Traffic Attorney

Have the police issued you a traffic ticket in Denver? If so, it’s possible to fight your ticket in traffic court. Reach out to a traffic lawyer in Denver for guidance with your case.

Even when you’re trying to follow the rules of the road in Denver, you may receive a traffic ticket unexpectedly. The Denver police issue traffic tickets for a variety of moving violations. You may receive a traffic infraction for a less severe violation or a traffic offense for something more significant. If you don’t believe you deserved your ticket, you can defense yourself in traffic court.

Our team at Justice for Colorado works hard to defend drivers in need. The police often have the upper hand in traffic-related cases because drivers think paying a ticket is the only way to make it go away. But with the help of a Denver traffic attorney, you can try to reduce or dismiss your charges.

Types of Traffic Tickets in Denver

Colorado issues two types of moving violations: traffic infractions and traffic offenses. Traffic infractions are issued more often because they’re less severe than traffic offenses. Although a traffic infraction may result in a fine and points added to your driving record, a traffic offense may result in misdemeanor criminal charges.

You may receive a traffic infraction if you speed up to twenty-four miles per hour over the speed limit, tailgate, or improperly change lanes. You may receive a traffic offense if you speed over twenty-four miles per hour over the speed limit, drive without a valid license, drive without insurance, or drive recklessly.

The penalties associated with a traffic offense can escalate if you get into an accident because of your reckless behavior. For example, if you leave the scene of an accident at which serious bodily injury occurred, you may face felony charges.

Defenses for Denver Traffic Tickets

Possible defense strategies your traffic ticket attorney may use for you include lack of evidence, necessary action, maintaining safety, or mistake of fact.

When claiming lack of evidence, your lawyer can challenge the police’s evidence against you. Regarding necessary action, you may have violated a traffic law because you were rushing someone to the hospital. For a maintaining safety defense, you may have violated a traffic law to get out of the way for an ambulance. For mistake of fact, you may not have known the law you violated.

Reach Out to a Denver Traffic Lawyer

Receiving a traffic ticket at some point in life may seem like an inevitable occurrence that you can’t avoid. But when you know you didn’t deserve the ticket, you can fight your case in court. Even if you made a mistake while driving, it’s possible to get your charges reduced.

If you want to discuss your situation with a Denver traffic attorney from Justice for Colorado, you can schedule a free consultation. Call 303-647-9691 or fill out the contact form below and we’ll help you seek a remedy for your situation so you can move forward.

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