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How to Fight a Stop Sign Ticket

Getting a stop sign ticket in the Denver area can ruin your day. Stop sign tickets can come with hefty fees and will add points to your driving record. Although a stop sign ticket is a minor traffic infraction compared to other moving violations, it can be particularly frustrating if you don’t believe your Denver stop sign ticket was warranted.

You may receive a ticket for running a stop sign or for making a rolling stop at a stop sign. There are defense strategies you can use in court if you want to fight your stop sign ticket and because many people don’t take the time to fight these types of tickets, you may have a good chance of dismissing your charges. A Denver traffic ticket lawyer from Justice for Colorado can be a crucial resource.

Penalties for a Stop Sign Ticket in Colorado

A stop sign ticket in Colorado comes with a $70 fine plus a $10 surcharge. You’ll pay $80 for your stop sign ticket, and you may receive up to four points on your driving record for this type of moving violation.

If you’ve had no moving violations before, then this charge may seem minor. But, if you’ve reached your limit of points on your driving record, then a stop sign ticket could lead to a license suspension.

Defense Strategies for a Stop Sign Ticket

There are various defense strategies you can use to fight a stop sign ticket in traffic court. You can challenge the officer’s observation of your driving by bringing forth a witness. You can also prove that your conduct was justified by bringing new facts to light that may not have been clear at the time your ticket was issued. By going to court, you can present your full case to the judge.

Contact a Denver Traffic Ticket Attorney

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