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Experienced Traffic Ticket and Injury Lawyer in Denver

Getting a traffic ticket in Denver can be frustrating. When you get an unwarranted ticket, you may feel as if paying the ticket is your only option. What most people don’t know, however, is that you can fight traffic tickets in court and potentially avoid increases to your insurance premiums and marks on your driving record. At Justice for Colorado, we specialize in reducing and dismissing traffic ticket charges.

At Justice for Colorado, we also handle personal injury cases in the Denver area. If you were injured in an accident and you believe someone else was at fault, our team can guide you through the legal process and seek justice on your behalf.

Justice for Colorado

Richard Poormon is the sole practicing attorney at Justice for Colorado. He has 34 years of experience in the legal field and prioritizes patience, honesty, and respect in his client relationships. Richard puts an extensive amount of effort into every case he tries and uses key strategies to achieve success in the courtroom.

Traffic Tickets, Personal Injuries, and More

Whether you’ve been charged with a traffic infraction or a traffic offense or been injured in an accident, Richard and his supporting team at Justice for Colorado will treat your case with an equal level of care and consideration.

Personal Injuries

Personal injury cases can include slip-and-fall accidents, product defect accidents, nursing home abuse, motor vehicle accidents, and wrongful deaths, among others. If you believe someone else is responsible for you or your loved one’s injury, illness, or death, then you should reach out to discuss your Denver case further.

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen frequently in Denver and may be caused by negligent drivers, a car manufacturer, or a government entity, as a few examples. At Justice for Colorado, we’ll work with the police to identify the cause of your accident and use evidence to move forward with a lawsuit when possible.

Traffic Tickets

The police in Denver may give you a speeding ticket or charge you with another moving violation, such as driving with a suspended license or reckless driving. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to fight your ticket if you hope to avoid points on your driving record and keep your insurance premiums low. Our team at Justice for Colorado can help.

Getting to Know Denver

Denver, Colorado, is a bustling metropolis near the Rocky Mountains. Denver dates back to the Old West era, and the city’s oldest block, Larimer Square, features nineteenth-century buildings. Many people visit Denver for nearby skiing and hiking. Denver is also home to many sports teams, such as the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, the Colorado Avalanche, and the Colorado Rapids.

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If you’re unsure whether you have grounds for a lawsuit or have questions about traffic charges you’ve received, you can reach out to our firm in a free consultation for guidance. To discuss your situation with a team member from Justice for Colorado, call 303-647-9691 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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