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January 3, 2020

How to Fight a Colorado Speeding Ticket if You Live Out of State

Dealing with a speeding ticket is already frustrating enough. You’re facing hefty fines, which could hurt your future, not to mention driving points and even the possibility of a license suspension. Worse, you may have been visiting from out of state when you were pulled over. Now, you’re going home with a ticket, so how are you supposed to pay for it, now? 

If you were issued a Colorado speeding ticket while on a vacation, work, holiday, or other trip, you may need help getting those speeding charges dropped. Fortunately, your Denver speeding ticket lawyer can help you get answers, and they may be able to prevent any more traveling on your part related to the ticket. 

Contact the Right People

When you’re issued a speeding ticket, the jurisdiction should be listed on your ticket. That tells you where you would need to go for your court date. Once you know where to take your ticket, you and your speeding ticket lawyer can contact the district attorney for that area about the ticket. They can direct you to the right court and give you legal information about your ticket and options to defend your case. 

They may have options available for out-of-state drivers. That way, you don’t have to travel all the way back to Colorado, especially if you’re unable to, and you don’t have to give up your right to a trial. You may need to find a different option that meets the needs of everyone involved, which is where your lawyer can help. 

Writing an Affidavit

Often, once you contact the court, you’ll need to fill out an affidavit. This affidavit is essentially your side of the story. You can give a brief summary of what happened from your perspective, as well as any evidence you have for your case. Then, you’ll send your defense to the court. 

Missing your day in court could lead to more severe penalties, so you’ll need to make sure you have representation in the courtroom, as well. Fortunately, even if you’re unable to return to Colorado and make it to your court date, your lawyer can be there on the date. They can present the evidence you have for your case, fight accusations of fault, and possibly get that Colorado ticket reduced or dismissed. 

Get the Help of an In-State Colorado Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Whether you’re visiting family, on a work trip, or simply trying to enjoy a free weekend, it’s frustrating to get ticketed in a state you don’t live in. Worse, it’s easy to assume you don’t have options to get help with your speeding ticket case. 

At Justice for Colorado, we believe in your right to a trial when you’re pulled over for speeding, and we can represent you in Colorado even if you won’t be in the state. We understand how important avoiding the penalties for a ticket can be, so reach out for help possibly getting your case reduced or dismissed. 

Ready to get started with a Colorado speeding ticket lawyer? Talk to your attorney by calling 303-647-9691 or by completing the online form below. 

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