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September 23, 2019

How to Handle a Traffic Stop in Denver

When the police stop you in Denver for a traffic infraction or offense, you may feel frustrated, apprehensive, and unsure of how to handle the situation. Your attitude can determine whether the police issue a ticket, so it’s essential to stay calm, be respectful, and provide the police officer with whatever they ask from you, within reason.

If you receive a traffic infraction or offense, you can fight your ticket in traffic court and try to make a plea bargain or plead innocent. A Denver traffic ticket attorney from Justice for Colorado can negotiate on your behalf in court by using defense strategies to clear your name. Reducing or dismissing your charges is important if you hope to keep points off your driving record. 

Pull Over Quickly and Safely

As soon as you see lights flashing behind your vehicle, you must pull over quickly; however, do so safely, even if it takes longer to merge lanes or find the highway shoulder. The police officer will understand that you’re trying to pull over safely as long as you slow down and allow the police officer to stay behind you as you make your way to the side of the road.  

Hide Nothing from the Police Officer

Police officers may search your vehicle if you give them reason to believe that you’re hiding something from them. When the police officer walks up to your car, try to stay calm and act normal. Although you may be nervous, you shouldn’t hide anything from the officer or act like you’re hiding anything. If you do, the police may ask you to get out of the vehicle and may search your car. 

Stay in Your Vehicle

When the police officer pulls you over, never get out of your vehicle unless the police officer asks you to. If you get out of the car before being asked, the police officer may feel threatened and get defensive. You can change the officer’s mood by not following instructions and cause them to be less sympathetic toward you. 

Tips for Speaking to the Police Officer

When speaking to the police officer who stops you, let them command the conversation. If you do too much of the talking, you may accidentally admit guilt to the infraction or offense that the officer is charging you with. It’s best to answer the officer’s questions with noncommittal responses. They may let you off with a warning, but if they give you a ticket, you can fight it later in Denver traffic court

Contact a Denver Traffic Ticket Attorney

At Justice for Colorado, we work hard to defend citizens when they feel they’ve been wronged. You should never pay a traffic ticket because you feel it’s your only option. We can guide you through the legal process and do our best to get your traffic ticket reduced or dismissed. 

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