August 5, 2020

How Will a Traffic Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

Traffic tickets are issued for a variety of reasons. Not only are they inconvenient in the moment, but the consequences of a ticket can be lasting. 

Thankfully, the courts in Denver allow traffic tickets to be fought in many cases, which means you could escape many of the penalties that come with accepting a traffic citation. Read on to learn more about some of the most common types of traffic tickets and the consequences associated with traffic tickets, including the impact on your car insurance.

Common Traffic Tickets in Denver

There are many different reasons why you could be issued a traffic ticket while driving through the streets of Denver. Some of the most common types of traffic infractions issued include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Failure to use a turn signal
  • Improper lane change
  • Drunk driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Running a red light
  • Failure to yield 
  • Failure to wear a seatbelt
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Driving in the carpool lane
  • Driving unlicensed 

These are just a few of the common types of traffic violations in Denver. When you elect to simply pay the ticket, you are essentially pleading guilty. This can result in points being added to your license, which can, in turn, have a dramatic impact on your auto insurance.

Consequences for Denver Traffic Tickets 

The type of traffic ticket you are issued, and the details within this ticket, will determine how many points are added to your license. For example, if you were ticketed for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, you can expect four points to be added to your license. 

Alternatively, if you were ticketed for driving 40 miles per hour or more over the speed limit, you would get twelve points added to your license. Anyone twenty-one years or older who gets twelve points within one year or eighteen points within two years can expect to have their license suspended. The more points that are added to your license, the higher your insurance premiums. 

It’s even possible that your insurance company could drop you, or refuse to renew your policy if they consider you to be a risky driver. For this reason, it is critical that you do everything possible to fight your traffic citations. 

Not only do you risk license suspension, jail time, and fines if you don’t, but you could end up in serious financial trouble due to increased auto insurance rates if you are not careful to defend yourself against the traffic tickets in question. 

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