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May 15, 2021

Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket?

When you are issued a traffic ticket in Denver, you are not only facing possible hefty fines and more points on your driving record. You are also at risk of losing your drivers license and facing increased auto insurance premiums and even possible jail time.

The best way to avoid these consequences is to fight the ticket with the help of a Denver traffic ticket attorney. If you believe that your ticket was unwarranted and unjustified, a traffic ticket lawyer is your best bet for defending yourself in court and getting the charges dismissed.

A ticket attorney in Denver will support you on all fronts, from collecting evidence to negotiating your fines and improving your chances of a favorable outcome. Other reasons to hire a lawyer for a traffic ticket include the following.

An Attorney Fully Understands Traffic Law

While traffic laws might seem straightforward, and even simple to access through the internet, it’s not always easy to know exactly what’s required of you. An attorney’s professional understanding and experience in traffic law puts them in the best position to defend you in court successfully.

Unlike the average motorist, a traffic ticket lawyer knows about the required paperwork and deadlines that have to be met. Having an attorney will ensure that you are in the loop about what’s happening and what you are needed to do, as well. 

You Don’t Have to Attend Court Sessions

Having a lawyer for your traffic ticket can also save you a lot of time. An attorney has access to numerous legal resources and can often push your court dates forward, which is crucial for preserving evidence.

A traffic ticket attorney can also represent you in court even in your absence. This way, you don’t have to attend any of the court sessions and can take care of other important things when you have a lawyer.  

Save Money in the Long Run

When you do the long-term math, hiring a lawyer for a traffic ticket can save you a lot of money. 

If your court trial is completely successful, you won’t have to pay the fines, which can be in the thousands of dollars, depending on your moving violation. An accumulation of points on your driving record can lead to the suspension of your license, introducing more unforeseen expenses, such as a possible increase in your auto insurance premiums.   

Negotiating Your Fines and Charges

Another way that a traffic ticket lawyer can help is by negotiating your fines to a lower amount. They can also use various defenses to try to get the court to dismiss your charges altogether.

Alternatively, a ticket lawyer can in some cases negotiate with the judge so that your charges become non-moving violations and do not affect your driving record.

Speak with a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When you are issued with a traffic ticket, it’s sometimes possible to contest the charges and keep your driver’s record clean. Reach out to a Denver traffic ticket lawyer to understand your options and get an experienced professional to represent you in court.

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