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Westminster Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Did you get a traffic ticket while driving in Westminster, Colorado? If so, you may think paying your ticket is the only way to make it disappear. It may be possible, however, to fight your ticket with the help of a traffic ticket attorney in Westminster.

The Westminster police issue traffic tickets for moving violations both big and small. If you’re driving in Colorado and aren’t paying attention to local traffic laws, you may accidentally break the rules while driving. It’s also possible that you had a valid reason for your violation or that you were obeying the law but got ticketed anyway.

Many drivers in Westminster think they must pay their traffic tickets to avoid getting in legal trouble, but paying a Westminster traffic ticket is the same as admitting guilt. If you want a chance of reducing or dismissing your charges, you must fight your traffic ticket in court. A Westminster traffic ticket lawyer from Justice for Colorado wants to help you with your case.

Why You May Get a Traffic Ticket in Westminster

Colorado issues both traffic infractions and traffic offenses, with traffic infractions being the less severe of the two. You may receive a traffic infraction from the Westminster police if you’re caught speeding between 1 and 24 mph above the speed limit, distracted while driving, unsafely changing lanes, tailgating, or disobeying a traffic control signal.

The Westminster police don’t issue traffic offenses as often because these moving violations are more serious. You may receive a traffic offense if you’re recklessly driving, speeding over 24 mph above the speed limit, driving without a license or with a suspended license, or driving without insurance.

Penalties That Can Result from a Westminster Traffic Ticket

The penalties for your Westminster traffic ticket will vary, depending on whether your ticket is a traffic infraction or a traffic offense. If you receive a traffic infraction, you’ll be fined and points will be added to your driving record, depending on the violation you committed. Traffic offenses can result in more points on your record and even possible criminal charges.

In addition to the effects on your driving record, your car insurance company may increase the rate of your premium because of your Westminster traffic ticket. You may think the penalties for your traffic ticket are minor, but the cost of your premium alone can add hundreds of dollars to your expenses.

Defense Strategies for a Westminster Traffic Ticket

Sometimes your traffic ticket lawyer in Westminster can defend you in traffic court by challenging the police officer’s evidence against you. You can argue that you didn’t commit the violation in question or explain that you committed the violation because of an emergency or for safety reasons. It’s also possible to argue, for example, that you weren’t aware of the speed limit because it wasn’t properly marked on the road.

Contact a Westminster Traffic Ticket Attorney

You should never pay a traffic ticket in Westminster because you think it’s your only option for relief. If you need assistance fighting your ticket and attempting to reduce your charges, you can speak with a Westminster traffic ticket lawyer from Justice for Colorado. To schedule a free consultation with a member of our team, fill out the contact form below or call 303-647-9691.

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